Our Commitment

Code of Ethics:

Individual Mind Matters aspires to an ethical framework of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy for good practice, otherwise known as the BACP.  Copies are available on their website:  www.bacp.co.uk/ethical_framework/

What does this mean to Individual Mind Matters?

We incorporate into our practice values and principles to ensure the highest standard of customer care is maintained and operate a company Equal Opportunities policy in line with current government legislation to members of the public and employees.  A belief is held that everyone is equal regardless of race, culture, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, disability etc.

Great value is placed on an individual's uniqueness. 

Regular continual professional development and training is also undertaken to ensure industry knowledge and competency levels are maintained

Individual Mind Matters commits to Individual Personal Indemnity cover.


All our initial assessment and sessions are completely confidential.  This means, I will not talk about anything we discuss outside of the sessions, though you, of course may. There are a few exceptions:

  • As part of my on-going development and as a requirement of the BACP, I review and monitor standards to maintain the quality of my work. Which means I may need to discuss aspects of our sessions with my regular supervisor.  In such cases your identity is kept strictly anonymous.
  • Where I feel you may cause serious harm to yourself, or you are in danger, or you are likely to harm someone else, I will discuss with you my concerns and possible options.  Some of which may involve informing others such as your GP.  I will always talk with you first in these circumstance.
  • If I become aware of serious illegal activity

Complaints Policy

Should you have a complaint with Individual Mind Matters this should be directed either by way of a phone call to our office, email or in writing to Catherine Jones.  You will receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours of receipt confirming you will again hear from us within 5 working days.  We will endeavor to effectively alleviate your concerns within these timescales.  If however you continue to feel grieved after this time you have the option to contact the BACP:

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Email: bacp@bacp.co.uk 

Website: www.bacp.co.uk


Individual Mind Matters is abbreviated as IMM and is a trading name for IMMLtd.  Registered in England & Wales. Registration: 4488156.  A member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists: 775764